Our home is immersed in a captivating setting on the island of Kalamos, minutes away from the beach, and beautiful sceneries. The house is located about 10 minutes on foot from the port of Episcopi, where a small fish boat will drop you, coming from the mainland. The surrounding countryside is perfect for long, relaxing walks in the middle of nature, foraging wild greens, running, or biking.


Built out of stone with wooden floors, the house is bright and has amazing views to the Ionian Sea. It has two separate rooms on the top floor, while the kitchen and bathroom are on the ground floor. The kitchen is spacious with an additional bed therein. Internet is also available. Pure, fresh water is provided all year around coming directly from the natural spring up in the mountain. The house is surrounded by olive trees and is perfect for couples, families and pets.

Taking the path right by the house, can lead you to beautiful sceneries and mesmerising views to the neighbouring island of Lefkada. If you get there in the right season, you will have the chance to forage some chamomile, mountain tea and sage.

Exploring the south side of Kalamos, you will find yourself into a beautiful forest full of native pine trees and wild flowers. A 10-minute walk will lead you to the castle or some enchanted nearby beaches. Two bikes are provided for exploring the island, its beautiful secret beaches and the virgin landscape. If you feel like socialising, you can always visit the village of Kalamos, where locals can tell you about the old times and life on the island, while drinking a hot cup of Greek coffee.

When it comes to food, you will be able to eat at the local tavern during summer, while the rest of the year you will have to get all of your food supplies from the main village on the south side of the island, or from Mitikas. You will also get to know one of the local fishermen, who would be more than happy to sell you the catch of the day for a really low price.

There are several festivals in the summer, as well as an annual race of 12 km where everyone is welcome. It is important to note that Episkopi is a quieter place compared to the main village of Kalamos, and although still vibrant in the summertime, in the winter only has 4 residents.  

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