An Afternoon With A Cinematographer

I finally found some time to post some of the photos Zeta and I took last month while spending the whole afternoon in her home, in London. Once again, I reveled in the rekindling of inspiration I feel every time I am with her, and I am so happy we found each other at a very early age. She handles light in the most beautiful ways, and I never tire, nor stop feeling thankful, to see her at work, and to learn from her. 

There is not really a recipe to share in this post. I promise to make another one for homemade pasta soon.

Apart from that, we had also some chocolate brioche from the farmers market and lots of fresh fruits, which we enjoyed with some afternoon tea. It was such a wonderful day! More shots from this day will be shared soon.

I will let the photos speak for themselves.


Zeta has been working as a Writer/Director as well as Director Of Photography for several projects, both passion and commercial oriented (more recently also focusing a lot on food and coffee related stories).

Her short film 'Meltemi' as a writer/director was selected in Palm Springs, Edinburgh, Rhode Island, Drama (Greece), Athens Digital Film Festival and Big Shoulders (awarded Best Film) International Short film festival. She also was nominated for Best Cinematography for her graduating work from the London Film School.

You can check Zeta's work on her personal site, and on her instagram page,